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Sorry , I don't understand what you talking about  can you please Explain with example 


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Atleast just give me some hint on my prospectus , I'll it it by self

Hello Waiting for reply

Without your support how i can assure  a customer to have iridium platform , So Please help me on that

Dear Ilya

Sorry if i get you wrong , But I'm not asking about project customization , I'm asking you how to use your z-wave module with a easy way where i can drag and drop the command as well the feedback .

If you get this , This is all about the use of your hard work , thats all

I'm asking you how i used thats it 

Please suggest me to do the needful


I waiting for your precious reply 

Dear IIya 

Its very OK.

Of course we can do it and it possible in every way , but problem is I tried but not succeed on that ..

Here I attached one project , Can please help me on that .Z-WAVE Fibaro-1.irpz

I have Created 1 Page named Page 3 , Put a Image in Background(Base Image)

There is one fibaro switching actuator  say id(185-186), put the On image (named as ID-185-Feedback & ID-186-Feedback) of light which is visible when feedback is ON .

Create Button(named as ID-185-command & ID-186-Command) make its opacity to 0 .

Now ,When I Press the Button Command should go (ON- OFF) , and according that it's visible the particular On Image . 

Hope , I make myself clear here .

Please help me on that , I also trying by myself if succeed i let you know 

Thanks in Advance

Eagerly waiting for your reply   


I waiting for your precious reply 

Dear IIya

Thank you very much for prompt reply . i understand what you are suggesting , and it's really very useful .

I have other idea , i am happy able to clear you about that .

I'm looking of kind of 3d visualization , in which we took the room photograph in Mode Of ALL-OFF and ALL-ON , the All off image goes to background of the page and from ALL-ON Pics I do the some photoshop to cut the light images and put it exactly where it is in all off image , and give that feedback of that light on visible and took a button make its opacity to 0 and give that command .

This kind of setting i want with fibaro module  

Hope you understand what i'm trying to do .