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item.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xRRGGBBAA;

You can test this example, it is possible for all of your devices will work. Pay attention to the display UID with different iPad - we have some beacons were defined differently.

iBeacon Scanner.irpz iBeacon Module.irpz

Создание девайса:
IR.CreateDevice(IR.DEVICE_IRIDIUM_TCP, "Server", "", 30464);


We are currently testing this feature, because It does not work with all equipment.

It is not an easy task, we will add this module to our development plan.

Do you mean that the module will have widgets of TV remotes, media, air condition, etc?

Scanner finds most types of devices, but if there is no module can not download it to the device. A module we undeveloped because it is not clear how it will look the widget. In advance, we do not know how many teams (0-200) programmed. Perhaps you recommend a solution, as it will be convenient?

The Iridium 2 no such modules, you do draw the interface and know in advance the number of teams. Which interface and with what settings would be useful to you?

Yes, we implemented the first version schedule and testing now.

As I wrote "Now makes it possible to edit a module name. Hopefully this will solve the problem."

This will release in 12.08.16.