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knx climate attribute too little

wenxing sun 1 year ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 4 months ago 44

please Add VRV options

Under review

I see that you need new parameters:
1) On / Off addr.
2) On / Off status
And you need switch on widget. Is that correct?

1) On / Off addr.
2) On / Off status

3)Mode Addr.

4)Mode Status Addr.

5)Speed Addr.

6)Speed Status Addr.

please Add above the VRV options for I3 lite knx climate

Thank you, but we need some more information.
Adding the parameters is not problem for us but it will also have effect on widget.

So we need to know: what modes do you use and what range of speed control in the most general way?

1.on/off 1bit (1:ON, 0:OFF)

2.mode addr 1byte (dry/cold/fan/heat)

3.fan speed addr 1byte (0:low 1:mid 2:high

4.set temp addr 2byte

Thank you again. Now we have enough information for the development.

KNX Climate should ideally have the following.

Type Description DPT DPT Details
On/Off Control Switch 0 -Off, 1-On 1.001 1bit
On/Off Status Status 0 -Off, 1-On 1.001 1bit
Fan Speed Control 3 Speeds 33%, 67%, 100% 5.001 8bit unsigned
Fan Speed Status Status 3 Speeds 33%, 67%, 100% 5.001 8bit unsigned
Mode Control 0 - Auto, 1-Heat, 3-Cool, 9-Fan, 14-Dry 20.105 1byte
Mode Status 0 - Auto, 1-Heat, 3-Cool, 9-Fan, 14-Dry 20.105 1byte
AC Setpoint Control 16 to 32 degrees Celsius 9.001 2byte
AC Setpoint Status 16 to 32 degrees Celsius 9.001 2byte
AC Return Temperature degrees Celsius 9.001 2byte
Vanes Up/Down Control 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% 5.001 8bit unsigned
Vanes Up/Down Status 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% 5.001 8bit unsigned



Ok, we will do it in May

What is the status on this?


We have reworked KNX climate and the module is on testing stage.

It will be available in about a week.

Under review

We have made different module it is "KNX Thermostat" and it is available from now.

The module has more options than KNX Climate module.

Try the "KNX Thermostat" module and tell us if it covers all functions that you need.

Thank you.


1. Widget name is spelled incorrectly as Termostat please change this Thermostat. Image show below for reference.

2. Min temp and Max temp setting should be incorporated.

3. Fan mode setting should be available for 2 speed fan also. Currently default is 3 speed fan.

4.Thermostat Slider should be available, this was present in old widget.

5. Modes as per DPT 20.105 (8bit) as below

Operation Mode     0 – Auto, 1 – Heat, 3 – Cool, 9 – Fan, 14 – Dry

In the place Where I live we never use heat.

I tested the module now and it is not currently sending commands. It is also not reading the status.

Thank you for help in testing.

Sorry that you have met so much of problems.

I sended the information to our KNX developer and testers. Soon we will update the module.

We need some more information: can you send to us subtypes of each address that you requested before? Maybe this is the reason why you can't control or receive feedbacks.

I had chosen wrong KNX subtype and hence it did not work. Now after changing subtype and port project works.


1. Temp Status addr  - feedback not working correctly.

2. If KNX Type is KNX IP Router value such as 149 should not be accepted. Only group address value like 1/1/1 should be accepted. Earlier this is how most of the modules are implemented.

3. IF KNX Type is changed to IP BAOS then port should automatically be changed from 3671 to 12004.

4. Please implement Slider instead of + and -

5. Setpoint minimum and maximum inputs required. Currently the Setpoint is defaulting to 0

I will test further and update you.

Write for all commands is working.

Status is working for only Return Temp addr.

All other feedback like switch Status, setpoint status, fan speed status, mode status are not working. 

I was told that feedback don't work possibly because of subtypes for the feedbacks. Can we know what subtypes do you use?

I have shared my project, I do not see any sub-type for feedback.

I am not sure what you mean by Sub-type for feedbacks. Can you give me an example? Or can you please post a screenshot to illustrate what information you seek?

I think you mean Widget type

I am using Widget type - HVAC and Fan

KNX Type - KNX IP BAOS 771/772/777

Port - 12004

These are the only variables in the widget

No, we mean the "Subtype" parameter of a address. Example:

You setup them in ETS

This information is already mentioned in this thread above. If you see above. I am pasting it again for you, It was posted 3 months ago in this same thread. The technical name is data point or DPT.

KNX Climate should ideally have the following.

TypeDescriptionDPTDPT Details
On/Off ControlSwitch 0 -Off, 1-On1.0011bit
On/Off StatusStatus 0 -Off, 1-On1.0011bit
Fan Speed Control3 Speeds 33%, 67%, 100%
2 Speeds 50%, 100%
5.0018bit unsigned
Fan Speed StatusStatus 3 Speeds 33%, 67%, 100%
Status 2 Speeds 50%, 100%
5.0018bit unsigned
Mode Control0 - Auto, 1-Heat, 3-Cool, 9-Fan, 14-Dry20.1051byte
Mode Status0 - Auto, 1-Heat, 3-Cool, 9-Fan, 14-Dry20.1051byte
AC Setpoint Control16 to 32 degrees Celsius9.0012byte
AC Setpoint Status16 to 32 degrees Celsius9.0012byte
AC Return Temperaturedegrees Celsius9.0012byte
Vanes Up/Down Control20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%5.0018bit unsigned
Vanes Up/Down Status20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%5.0018bit unsigned

Sorry, I didn't notice that DPT number has information about subtype. We will check again if everything is correct.

No, No don't be, I think there was some misunderstanding and mis-communication.

Listen to the Truth

Feedback not working has nothing to do with sub-types, because feedback also has the same sub-type as the write command. Since Write commands are working. There is no confusion with Sub-type. Someone is just misleading you to fix the issue they already know exists.

I hope you build you knowledge enough so that you can identify when someone gives you a story. I wish the best for you.

Thank you for the explanation

We will check the module again. Seems like something is blocking feedbacks for the modules. By the way, do you have some other KNX modules in the project? Do they receive feedback ? You use KNX BAOS 771 modules, right? 

Feed back working in all other KNX modules.

Infact feedback is working even with KNX Climate module. which uses the exact same hardware as well as ets configuration.

For example AC on/off, setpoint and return temp feedback is working perfectly fine with KNX climate module.

We have improved the module by your feedback. Update is available for the module.

Sorry but we couldn't implement changing address limitation by KNX Type for now. Same with default port. We need to make the function in our app and only after that the function will be available for module.

Also we tested feedback with our knx BAOS 771 controller and it worked fine. Can you check it again, please? 

The module does not read status correctly.

Can you, please, check if you have last version of i3 lite app? 

If you are sure about this the best thing how we can help you is teamviewer session.

Is this possible for us to have access to a PC that can control your KNX ?

I do have the latest version. Yes we can do teamviewer session.

I spent most part of my day with iRidium programmer and these are my observations.

1. I called with regards to issue with module not working on iPad.

After spending close to 3 hrs, they show me that it works on Windows.

It still does not work on iPad and when I point this, I seem to have offended the support team.

If and when you ask for feedback, I will give it but until then I guess I will keep quite even if the module does not work since support does not seem to like me pointing this out.

As I have told you in mail:

We have not do any module changes for Windows. All that programmer needed to do is change KNX Type of the module to KNX controller that you use and reboot project after module installation. 

He (programmer) is sure that if you do the same for iPad it will work.

Maybe he just didn't describe it to you.

If it still don't help for iPad that means you don't have last version of i3 lite from 28 june. We made app fixes in last update for the KNX Thermostat module.

We have made update to KNX Thermostat module so it have min/max parameters not only for slider widgets.

The new module finally showed up today. The version is 1.8 and it does have min/max parameters.

This module did not exist on the day that the iRidium support tried solving this problem. I have tried deleting and searching multiple times. The only module that existed was version 1.7. - This was the root issue, and nothing to do with KNX type, As support I request you to be specify the version number when giving me advice. You were talking about features of version 1.8 that did not exist and I was looking at 1.7 which was the version available. Instead of asking me to check for version number, you kept telling me to uninstall and reinstall app.

I am well aware of the KNX type and infact I was the one who kept pointing out to the iRidium programmer to choose the correct KNX type and port 12004. I would definitely not make such a silly mistake. Considering that I had already made that mistake once before as can be seen from one of my earlier posts.

There is definitely a lot of improvement.

1. Temperature feedbacks working well.

2. Switch write and feedback works perfectly,

I need to further test fan speed and mode. I have some issues with my KNX setup to fix before I do extensive testing for fan speed and mode.

I like the previous KNX climate App because the slider with Thermometer has a better appearance.

When choosing KNX type to BAOS 771 the port needs to change automatically to 12004 so that users do not make inadvertant mistakes.

Sorry that you got the issue with module update.

Thank you that you got time to check the module out.

As I said before: it is not possible for now to make dynamic changes in stage of installing module (when you see the parameters). App doesn't have functions for it. When we get resources to make the improvment we will do it.

We can make port parameter empty so user will consciously enter port.

I have tested mode there are a few things that need to be taken into account.

The KNX intesis implementation of mode is shown below.

 0 - Auto, 1-Heat, 3-Cool, 9-Fan, 14-Dry

Which is how the current KNX Thermostat implementation is done.

But CoolMasterNet implementation is completely different as shown below.

DPT Type 5.010

Mode: 0-Cool, 1-Heat, 2-Auto, 3-Dry, 5-Fan

So the Value are different between Intesis implementation and CoolMasterNet implementation.

The implementation existing thermostat mode is working with CoolMasterNet.

The problem is we are unable to get rid of 1-Heat option which is not used in my location.

When I uncheck 1-Heat then the Cool send Value 1.

Please make the Values to be sent editable so that the module can be customized as per the need. It should be like Multi-State button in KNX interface.Where you have State Label and State Value. In the current implementation label can be edited, but Value is not visible and cannot be edited. Please allow changing values in KNX Thermostat for HVAC modes.

Thank you.

Any update on the above mentioned feedback?


Sorry for the delay.

Sure, we will implement that soon. Thank you for the detailed description. 

The task is already in queue. I will let you know when it is ready to use.

Programmer have question at start of development.

Is the DTP 5.010 and specified values standart for CMN? The DTP is used for just a number from 0 to 255. Or it can be configurated on the CMN side? Maybe there is some documentation where we can read details about that? 

The below is standard for CMN and cannot be changed. Its just a number from 0 to 255.

DPT Type 5.010

Mode: 0-Cool, 1-Heat, 2-Auto, 3-Dry, 5-Fan

Under review


KNX Thermostat module is updated (1.29.0). Selecting DTP to 5.010 is possible now in settings. Also values for modes will be automatially switched when you change DTP for modes. Also you can also edit sended value for every HVAC mode.

Hello, Govinda.

Did you have time to check it out?