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BAOS Blinds module should have Step/Stop command

Govinda Raja 11 months ago • updated 5 months ago 8

BAOS Blinds should have Step/Stop (1bit) and Value (DPT 5.001). Its so basic to incorporate Step/Stop for Blind control.


We have added the parameters. Check it out, please.

Yes stop has been added.

A few suggestions

Please remove status from Stop.

Stop button should not be highlighted in blue.

Currently it shows as below.

It Should show like the image show below.

Blinds / Curtains / drapes use step/Stop.Secondly some blind controllers also use value and value status which is in percentage. DPT 5.001
It would be nice to implement a slider along with a blind curtain, but this entry should be optional for blinds since everyone may not use a blind controller.

Most blind controllers implement 0 for open and 1 for close. Please change the default values to 0 open and 1 close. currently the default values in BAOS 770/771/777 blind module in store has 1 open and 0 close. I hope you take my feedback. This feedback is to improve iRidium Mobile since I like it a lot.


Thank you very much for the feedback.

We will change the default values for open/close as you said.

Question about blinds with percentage: you use 8 bit unsigned value (0-100) to set angle of blinds? So you need slider below close/stop/open button to control the blind rotation? If so - for now you can add KNX BAOS Dimmer module that will control rotation of your blinds.

If you have more ideas how to make our modules better - we will glad to listen.


About the stop button: In our idea when you press stop blinds stops so if open/close was pressed it should release as you press stop button. So when you press stop it should be the one button that is blue (pressed).

Is the idea wrong? 

Correct, this is what I think is ideal

Under review

Hello. Is the problem still exist? If so - answer, please, on last question

I will check and get back to you.