Feature request

Knut Harboe 10 months ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 5 months ago 7

I would like to control the Sonos from a HDL DLP panel. Specifically the music page of the DLP Panel.

To do this, I need to have access to the buttons of this page.

Can this be added?


Under review

For now it is impossible to put Sonos on music page of DLP panel. This have to be a HDL device (for example HDL Z-Audio). 

But you can make the control via rules. Use HDL virtual device module to make events of a HDL scene launch. You have to set scene launch on DLP Panel buttons first.

So you press a button on dlp panel it launches scene. The scene triggers the rule that makes some actions with your sonos.

OK. I have now added the HDL virtual device module.

Should it be visible in the HDL setup software?

I can not contact it there...

Anyway, when I try to set a rule, the SONOS module is not listed as target in the routine setup?!?


It should not be visible in HDL setup software. Our virtual devices can't be found via scanner.

Sonos device should be listed when you create a routine. Make sure that you have added a sonos player in the Sonos module. By default Sonos module doesn't have any devices (only system one) you should add a device with "Plus" button.

I have 7 sonos, but none of those show in the list in the routines...


Sorry, my mistake.

Sonos module doesn't work on server for now. So you can't see it in routine "for server". If you make local routine you will be able to see it.

Tomorrow I will ask programmer about possibility of sonos module to work on server.

This will take a bit more time to explore sonos functionality on server. I will answer you in few days.