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CoolMasterNet causes extreme lag with i3lite

Govinda Raja 6 months ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 3 months ago 11

Using CoolmasterNet with i3lite causes the app to become extremely unresponsive.

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We have the device and I will try to repeat the problem.

To do that I need more information:

1) Platform (if you tried on few platform - specify, please, is the problem multiplatform or not)
2) Panel type (tablet, phone, PC)

3) Do you use server? 

4) Do you use last version of i3 lite that is available? 

5) Also that would be useful if you describe your project: which modules do you have and how much CoolMasterNet modules in the project. Did you try to create new project and add only one CoolMasterNet module? Do the problem happens in the case? 

Platform - IOS Ver 10.3.3

Panel - IPAD 9.7 inch (2017 version 32GB)

Server - not used

i3lite - 1.0.17

Coolmasternet Controls 14 indoor units. Installed using Coolmasternet Scanner

After removing Coolmaster modules project very good and responsive. Again adding coolmaster modules causes entire project to lag. Even operating an on/off switch is extremely difficult. 

So you add 14 coolmasternet modules ?

Yes using the scanner

Yes. There is an issue with CoolMasterNet module. It makes app work slow if you add a lot of modules.

We will fix it soon.

We have updated the module. It works faster now but still causes app to load with interval if you add a lot of modules.

Please, update the module (to update the module reboot your project, 1.10.0 is actual version) and provide to us feedback. Is it usable now? 

It will work more fast when we do the module in one (as we reworked KNX last time). Reworked module will be available in about 2 weeks.

Thank you.

I have in-fact decided to take the KNX route for integrating coolmasternet. I will provide you feedback once I test the updated module.


We reworked the module. There is no coolmaster scanner for now. Everything is in "CoolMasterNet" module. Press "plus" to add device and the module will find all available AC.

The rework allows to add more ACs without lags. How does it work with your 14 ACs? 

I will check and update you on the same. I am worried to use modules that are not properly tested.


Did you try new CoolMasterNet module? 

Hello. How is the module worked for you?