Automatically update project

Mike Slattery 2 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 9 months ago 7

Is it possible to Automatically update a project on a device, if the license is not found. I have had systems where the license is not found and I had to manually update a project. This would also help if I make changes to a project and the panel needs to be updated. 


Now there is no such functionality, but we plan to add it in the near future.

This would be a great funtion, maybe it is also possible that it checks and update the panels at a given time periode.

So you can set it to check and update it at night.

I got quite some people walking around with the same app. I created my own way to announce there is an update, but with this new functionality it works much nicer!!!! But the user must manually enable this functionality. So I call this semi-auto-update :-)  Is there a function in iRidium Mobile, where I can force the app into auto-update mode?. I couldn't find it in project settings BTW. And if this is not possible, would this be a nice feature for the very nearby future?


Now this setting is turned on manually, the next step is to do this auto-update for server projects and after that the setting in the project properties in the personal cabinet of the installer will be thrown. It will take up to six months.

There is a setting for Auto Update in the System Menu. When turned on, how and when does this it update the project? If I update a project on the cloud, will the project update on the panel and when? Also there is IR.SetVariable("System.Update") can I use this to turn it on. like IR.SetVariable("System.Update", 1);

Hi Aleksandr,

sorry for update a so old thread, but i have some customer where ipad deactivate the automatic update randomly.

Can i check with script or other way if this option is active or not?

Can i set with script or other automatic way this option?

I try with token "System.update", but this work with local update option.


// auto update status (true/false)
var l_bAutoUpdate = IR.GetStatusAutoUpdateProjects();


// Methods work with the current project that is running. The project must be downloaded from the cloud (not local)