i3Pro not displaying my project

Mack Eser 4 months ago in Bugs and problems • updated 4 months ago 4

Good day,

We are having a problem in i3pro client for windows. The problem start after the windows update. Before the update the application is working fine but after the windows update the application is running but only showing the logs window. The main window of the application is stuck in the desktop task bar. 

Please see attached pictures for your reference.

We hope that you can help us with this issue as soon as possible.

Thank You,



1. Close emulator

2. Go into your projectsettings in studio

3. Set custom position to 0,0

4. Run emulator from studio

already tried but not working



Try to delete the folder C:\Users\User_Name\Documents\iRidium pro documents\Client

or the file "config.xml" in this folder.


Dear Dmitry,

Thank you so much for your quick response. The is working fine now. This method work.