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Umc server knx offline

Stefano Addiego 1 month ago in Bugs and problems • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 4 weeks ago 12

hi, i have problem with umc server, in setting, i have knx interface offline, i send command but not work, but in ets5, i see umc knx interface and i can send command knx direct on the bus and work correct, help please

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What KNX driver do you use and with what parameters? Does the Physical Address match in the driver settings and in ETS5?

knx integrated in umc, in studio i have set serial and just changed address knx

Happen to me too after upgrade UMC to 1.2.6-14183

It look like IR process takes 100% of cpu every morning and then stop response.


I already send whole IR server folder via Private Ticket


I'm sorry about the long wait. On version 1.2.5, your project works fine?

I have reset umc and now work

At version 1.2.5, the project also captured 100% of CPU resources?

1.2.5 only 6% cpu no problem at all

As a temporary measure, use version 1.2.5.

how can I see?

use ssh and "top" command



connect to UMC ip 

  • Login: root
  • Password: root 

type command: top

to exit press q

then type exit