AirPlay Stops when i3 is loaded

ofer 4 months ago in Bugs and problems • updated by Tatiana Kiselyova (expert) 3 months ago 6

In the last version of i3 Pro when you want to play music with AirPlay at the moment you open the App on the same device (Tested with iPhone\iPad) the AirPlay stops,

Please fix it,

Thank you,


That will be great, Thank you!

Satisfaction mark by ofer 3 months ago

It is very imported to fix that (this feature worked with the older version of i3pro app)

I have a lot of customers that need this option to use air play while using  i3 pro app.

If it because of sip supported feature please add on\off button to disable sip support. 



This mode was introduced as early as in the fall of 2017, in connection with the problems at iOS 10.2-10.3. Half a year, no one said that it somehow affected the functionality. Now we will investigate this problem and try to add support, but this is not a bug and not subject to URGENT correction. Hope for understanding.

air play is in widely use in 90% of our projects.

the ease of use of that function make it popular and requested by our customers.

Now I have a lot of angry customers to satisfy.

Excuse me, but I repeat: it was done in autumn 2017 - after six months you write about dissatisfied customers ?? They have not updated the application for so long?
If this is possible, then we will add this feature to the application in the near future.


In the new version 1.2.9 we added the ability to choose the mode of the client with sound. The default mode is when iRidium does not stop playing sounds and music on the system. Please update.