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Dimmer for scenes and sequence for HDL-BUS

Romain LE CAN 2 weeks ago in Bugs and problems • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 weeks ago 3


I'm looking for a solution to use dimmer level on scene and sequence from i3 pro to control HDL dimmer or DMX module. I can do it from HDL panel but i can't from iridium. The only one way i find until now is to use single channel control but that don't match with my new project.

Thanks for your help.

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Specify: have you used Level? What does not suit Single Channel Lighting?

yes i use level but only with single channel lighting.

2 important things where i need to dim a scene :

1/  for home automation lighting if we want fade in and out on HDL module we have to use scene, single channel lighting is without fade and to have feedback relation between HDL panel and iridium i have to use exactly the same target scene on HDL and scene on iridium or single channel on HDL and single channel on iridium.

2/ when you use RGBW light you can have specific colors with scenes (R : 10% / G : 3% / B : 0% / W : 100%) and from HDL panel we can easily use dimmer on a scene but not in iridium. it will be long to program single channel lighting for many RGBW light and too many data make a bad result not smooth, i already try


It is not quite clear. More information is needed. Specify:

1) How do you use the dimmer level on scene and sequence from the HDL panel?

2) How do you try to get the same from i3 pro?

It will be much clearer if you make a video and attach it here.