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Read status of UV HDL

Roger Stenvoll 11 months ago in Tips and Tricks • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 2 months ago 14


I am able to set UV command using the UV module in Iridium Lite.

Is it possible to read and display the status of a given UV?

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Under review


We don't have feedback for Universal Switch for now. 

We are planning to add feedback for Universal Switch in HDL Logic module. When you add HDL Logic module you can select Universal switch instead of Logic.


Any timeline for the update of this feature?

It should be ready in about 1-2 weeks.

Hello, Roger. 

Sorry for the big delay. The feature is ready. You need to update module so it will be available. 

The Version I have available is 1.7

I can not see the feature available.

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Can you try to delete and install module, please? 

Hello, did you try to reinstall the module? 


Yes, I tried to delete and re-install the module. No luck. 

I am not able to see the state of the UV.

Does the UV widget looks like button still? Or it looks like switch but it doesn't do anything ? 

It still looks like buttons.

I just checked on my PC one more time and I have switch widget for the UV switch. I need you to make sure that:

1) Version of app is 1.3.3. If not - you need to update from our site https://iridi.com/download/software/v3_lite/

2) You have 1.30.0 module version

3) If first and second steps correct I suggest you to try to delete "iRidium pro documents" in My documents folder. BUT make sure that you don't have any important projects that are not uploaded to cloud. If you are not sure - just make backup of the "iRidium pro documents" folder so you will have chance to return all the local projects (projects that were created on the PC but were not uploaded to cloud).


I would like to underline that I am using Iridium Lite.

1. My app version is 1.3.3, server version is also 1.3.3

2. The HDL UV switch is version 1.7.0

3. I am using primarily my app on my iPad to configure i3 lite. 

Good afternoon!

HDL UV switch is different module, it doesn't have the feature. We have HDL Logic module that you also can use for UV switch. Just find the module in iridium store and select "Type" to "UV command". Let me know if it helped, please.  

Hello, Roger.

Did you try the HDL Logic module? Is it working correct?