Alexa / Google home i3pro server script

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I want to use i3 Pro and iridium server with google home and alexa script:

i tried this script but it didn't work:

In server log i get "channel not found".

Please send me the correct script for use with HDL.

<b>var</b> Alexa = IR.GetDevice("Amazon Alexa Network");
<b>var</b> HDL= IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network (UDP)");
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_START,0,<b>function</b>() {
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:TemperatureMode", IR.SUB_DEVICE_STATE_CLIMATE_TEMP_MODE_COOLING);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:HeatTargetTemperature", 30);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:CoolTargetTemperature", 28);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:SensorTemperature", 24);
  IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, Alexa, <b>function</b>(name, value) {
    <b>switch</b> (name) {
      <b>case</b> "Switch:Power":
        HDL.Set("Light", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dock Station:Level":
        HDL.Set("DockStation", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dimmer:Power":
        HDL.Set("Dimmer_ON", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dimmer:Level":
        HDL.Set("Dimmer_Brightness", value);
    IR.Log("ALEXA! Device tag: " + name + " , value: " + value);
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Check in your project that the driver "HDL Buspro Network (UDP)" has channels that you have listed in the script. For HDL channels and feedbacks should be specified as: "device:channel".

I didn't understand . 

would help me a lot if you send me a demo (example) project file sirpz.

also value of switch should be toggle 0/100 - now it toggle 0/1


For the HDL driver, the Set command is executed by specifying the device:

HDL.Set("HDL-BUS Pro:Light", value);

See the example in the attached project.

Thank you Vladimir

Can you send me Google Home Script for HDL and KNX as well.

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