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Mqtt transformation

Ferry 4 weeks ago in Bugs and problems • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 weeks ago 9
I am connecting a system to the server via MQTT. However, the problem is that this system sends the value On and OFF I.p.v. 1 and 0.
Now this does not work with a boolean.

Is there a way to change the ON and OFF value so that I can still use it in the server?

Thanks in advance.
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Attach your project and specify in which topic what value you want to send.

Hi Vladimir,

I have made a small test project. So I have 250 feedback channels that come in through Mqtt. However, the value of these booleans are sent in ON and OFF. Thanks for your help.Test Mqtt Ferry.sirpz
Test Mqtt Ferry 1.irpz

Driver MQTT server project uses 4 different topic. For each of them messages are sent and feedbacks come. The data is correct. What do you want to get?

I want to see when an on or off is sent on the topic in the status. now the server only responds to a 0 and 1

You can only see the result of the command in the MQTT driver. You can use EVENT_TAG_CHANGE. The event ID will show the changes in the project's feedback.

Test Mqtt Ferry_edit.sirpz

The type of values in both feedbacks is Boolean, so they can be either 0 or 1. If you want to record "On" and "Off", select the string type.

Sorry but I do not understand you.

If I use a string I do indeed see an On and Off with the tags in the server. But what I do not understand is how I can change the status of the button.

Most systems send an On and Off command instead of a 0 or 1. Is it not possible to convert this to the server through a script so that I can use the functionalities in Iridium as well?

I would like to use Buttons with which I send an On and Off value and a feedback from the On and Off.


Let's clarify:

1) do You want to send the string "On" or "Off" to topics? If so, in the server project, change the "Value Type" from "Boolean" to "String".

2) do You want to see in the panel project on the value buttons? If so, output the values as "Text" and not as "Value". Then get this result:

If you want to control only from the panel, you can not change the server project, and in the panel to use the processing of the obtained values (if 0 came, then output to the "Off" button, if 1, then output "On").

I actually want to change the status of the button when receiving an ON, just like a boolean can.

I have 2 symbols where 1 indicates the status On and the other the status Off.

I do not want to see thetext as value like your example.


An example of processing of the boolean in the panel project.