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Bose SoundTouch configuration?

Luka 2 weeks ago updated by Anna Isaeva (expert) 2 weeks ago 3

There's no instruction on how to configure Bose SoundTouch JS module. 

Can you please give me intructions on what i should change in the scripts?

Because i just put JS module in my project and all i can do is scan for Bose devices, but i can't add them.

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Good afternoon. Please tell me, does the scanner find the device? Is the problem just adding a device? Can you send us a video where you are trying to add a device?

The scanner can find devices (there are 4 Bose devices) but when i select devices to add them and click "Add device" nothing happens.


We understand your problem. We will set the task to fix this. As soon as the results appear, we will inform you.