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I developed an iRidium (GUI) project for "AV & Custom Systems device" that controls NI-3100(AMX) - specifically relay 7 on it. My question: is it OK to use port number 23?(see the 1st figure below) As far as I know, this port is used for telnet application.

For your reference I attached a few images concerning my development.

Dear iRidium professionals,

Here is a more important follow up question to the previous one.

My "custom_NI3100" project runs well on the Emulator - the ON and OFF buttons work good (see Fig good.png).

Fig. good.png

However, when the custom_NI3100 is transfered to a Android-RaspBerryPi 3 (where i3 pro is running), the buttons don't work and even the HostIP(above one) and IP addresses are not shown(see Fig no_good.png).

Fig. no_good.png

What could I have missed? I have attached irpz file for your checking.

Studio project file - custom_NI3100.irpz

I'll be waiting for your reply, thanks.

Waiting for user's reply


Perhaps on your device the port 23 is closed. Check if the port is open on your device

That doesn't explain why IP address not being shown. Right now, I'm running my desktop and RPi3 at the same time and the result is the same: RPi3 no IP display, desktop emulator works perfectly. Please take a careful look on my problem!


Try to run this code on your raspberry.


  var l_getIP = IR.GetCurrentLocalIPInfo();
   for (var i = 0; i < l_getIP.length; i++) {
This code should show all network interfaces on your device. Received data it will output in the log. You can watch the log in the web interface of server.

On AndroidTV 6.01-RPi3, i3 pro is executing my AMX(NI-3100) controller GUI project.

Don't I need to run "iRidium Server 32" on the AndroidTV to be able to access "Web Server Interface"? (I might be wrong.) However, As far as I know, iRidium Server can't run on any Android. Am I correct? And the address of "Web Server Interface" is, right?

I just tested same program using AndroidTV 6.01 and it worked.

I don't know why the same program doesn't work on rtAndroid 7.1.

Thank you for your comment anyway. Please don't delete above posting as it might help me some other way.

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?