No descriptions when scanning the Domintell-bus

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When installer scan the Domintell-bus, the description from the Domintell-commands and feedbacks are NOT imported in the GUI Editor.

The installer has to manually edit all descriptions of commands and feedbacks, and this take lot of time.

Please improve the scanning of Domintell-bus, so the names of the commands and feedbacks are displayed correct in the Project Device Tree.




that's correct, this is very important for us, this will help us to start with the Iredium Editor whitout loosing time at renaming (again) al the inputs and outputs




This is a time consuming task that prevents some prospects from buying it. Please develop this feature as it will increase sales and eliminates frustrated colleagues that current do the configuration!


I fully agree ... This feature should be a no brainer. Other apps for Domintell are able to read in all the names which makes in easy to configure

We don't see any progress in this issue...

All Domintell-installers need it, because now, they have to MANUALLY edit all names from Commands and Feedbacks after scanning!

Please fix this issue a.s.a.p.



Any updated for the most important feature for Domintell-installers??

How is it possible, this is still not implemented???



In plan of the development of "pro" this problem is not (until the end of spring), but in the "lite" we will add it in the near future.

This is a very important feature, without this it is almost unusable for us! We lose several hours of time by renaming. In the I3 lite app there are also no numbers so totally unworkable.

Please put this feature back on the radar.


Unfortunately, the definition of ETA for this function is possible not earlier than June.

When you're going to look at this, please also look at the DALI devices and their descriptions. None of the commissioned DALI devices are currently being added by the scan, this would save a lot of time for us!

Any update on this already? 


Hello, yes, it will be released next month



We fixed the scanner problem for Domintell in the new version of Iridium.1.3.1

Hello, I did see the improvement. But when I scan the bus. Groups and Atmospheres are not scanning anymore. And some modules are seen multiple times in the scan. See screenshot 1.

Also when scanning the bus, all the contact of the modules are filled in with to much information. screenshot 2.

The information [Huis[Kantine QB[Grote- en voor kantine] is the information that is usefull in the Domintell software but not for iRidium. This information is comming from the mapping in de Domintell software screenshot 3. 

Only Buitenverlichting kantine should be enough for programming in iRidium. Because this is the name that is given to a contact of a module screenshot 4.

So what i like to see is only the name of the contact from the module screenshot 5.

I tested this with Domintell2 1.27.08

[Screenshot 1]

[Screenshot 2]

[Screenshot 3]

[Screenshot 4]

[Screenshot 5]



Ok, we will fix commands names and try to get a bug with Groups and Atmospheres. I will write you when will have results


We fixed this problems. I attach beta build for you (Domintell studio.rar). Can you unpack archive, copy files to iRidium studio directory and test scanner and then write me about results? 

Thanks for you attention

This message occure when I try to scan the bus.


Sorry about it. Please, try this one Domintell studio.rar

No problem. It seems to work great! 

But only under the group scan is an empty line under commands and under feedback. 

This is the scan:

This how I looks like implemented.

This is how it should be:

Thank you for the quick support.

ok, it is beta build, so, in release everything will be fine

Good:) Thank you for your time and support.

Can i leave my feedback here with improvements?

Thank you,

I have some points, not to complain or the be critical.

Just for the improvements.

Dali modules are not seen by the scan. 

This when I have three of them are read in.

Only the first one is found.

And it would be usefull if the group names are also inplemented in iRdium by the scan.


In the new version of Iridium 1.3.3, we fixed part of the problems associated with the Domintell scanner. But unfortunately, we have not fixed the problem with Dali devices.


It has been a while since I visited the forum.

I'm VERY pleased to see the lot of work that has been done with iRidium in General and Domintell in particular.

The scanner works quite good, Thanks.

Some issue I found:

- In module DTRV01, the names of the channels are mixed up. Each channel has 4 sub-channels (so I call it now): general, up, stop, down. The names of the channels are being put ojnly in the first channel, but given to the 4 sub-channels.

so this becomes:

DomintellNameChannel1  (CH1)

DomintellNameChannel2 (CH1 UP)

DomintellNameChannel3 (CH1 stop)

DomintellNameChannel4 (CH1 down)



CH2 stop

CH2 down



CH3 stop

CH3 down



CH4 stop

CH4 down

Hope you kinda understand.

Kind regards,

Wouter Verbeeck


Is it possible to implement also that group names are inserted too?


Yes, group name will be in future


In the new version of Iridium 1.3.4, we added support for Dali devices in the Domintell scanner. We also fixed a problem with DTRV devices.