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[SIP][i3Pro] Driver not answer

Francesco Zangara 11 months ago in Products / Other drivers • updated 4 weeks ago 31

Sometimes, when I press on answer button, the driver not send the answer command.

For test I use:

- Fastell analog doorcom

- Analog telephone

- VoIP telephone

- Yeastar MyPBX SOHO with 2 FXS

- Yealink T42 VoIP telephone

- Siemens Gigaset Maxwell VoIP telephone

- iPad (iOS 10.3.1) with i3Pro (1.1.5:12117)

- LG-H500 (Android 6.0) with i3Pro (1.1.4:11977)

- PC (Windows 10 Pro x64) with Emulator (1.1.4:12002) and Studio (1.1.4:19408)

All i3Pro have same project( https://s3.amazonaws.com/iridiumdeveloperdoc/SIP/_SIP+%5BSimple+Intercom%5D+tablet%2C+PC.irpz ), I simple change IP and ID+password for each device

When I call a ring group from Fastell, all device ringing (correct) and when I press the answer button, the communication is established. But sometime i3Pro not send the answer command (see log), so i3Pro where i press the button, switch to "talking page" but not open the communication and other device still ringing. In this case i need close communication from hangup button on i3Pro, otherwise the next call will not ring the devices.

***i3Pro Log from emulator (wrong answer)***

[08-05-2017 12:40:27.821] WARNING DEVICE Recieved Host:, External Host:, External IP:
[08-05-2017 12:40:27.836] WARNING DEVICE !!! Direct Connection via server !!!
[08-05-2017 12:40:32.582] INFO SOUND_RES Set codec type payload 3

***i3Pro Log from emulator (work answer)***

[08-05-2017 12:40:54.882] WARNING DEVICE Recieved Host:, External Host:, External IP:
[08-05-2017 12:40:54.902] WARNING DEVICE !!! Direct Connection via server !!!
[08-05-2017 12:40:57.093] INFO SOUND_RES Set codec type payload 3
[08-05-2017 12:40:57.196] WARNING DEVICE In <Invite Talk> state. ACK. Media Delayed Flag = 0 .All OK... in <Invite OK> Code: 904 102 ACK

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Could you take a snapshot of the network and during the recording of this snapshot try to repeat the error that you described? You can take a snapshot using Wireshark. Send this snapshot to us.

Could you make a more complete snapshot in which you can see what sends Iridium and what sends the SIP server to Iridium ?

SIP protocol device control I have been tested here, no problem.

Sorry Dmitry,

i have filtered packet with "ip.src==||ip.dst==" so in this file i captured all packet form and to pbx. is ip of pc with emulator (where i install wireshark).

More, i see all packet (w/o filter) and i not see packet from




Unfortunately, the new files are also not complete. In these files, we can see the sending of packets only to one side. But there are no answers from the second device. Please, send us the full snapshots without filters.

Hi Dmitry,




Now i create an dedicated LAN for test and i not use filter during capture.

I try with:

- i3Pro 1.1.7 emulator with your SIP.irpz (Tablet)

- PBX: myPBX soho with 3 FXS and 1 FXO

- Analog phone connected on FXS port

- Simple 5-Port Switch to connect PC and PBX

i3Pro and Wireshark are run on same PC

Hi Dmitry,

have you a news?


Sorry for delay with answer. Yes, in your snaps we see that there is some inaccuracy in the packets. But in order to understand the exact cause, we need to check this situation in our office. And if it repeats, we will try to fix it.

Unfortunately, we do not have the specified PBX server. Therefore, it will be difficult to repeat the problem.

Could you provide us with remote access to your PBX server?

Hello Dmitry,

I back from holyday this week.

I set my pbx and firewall to connect 2 extensions from remote.

I send a message with data to support on skype.

For repeats, you mus try the call several time



Today we tried to check your problem. But we could not check, because your SIP server has errors in the configuration. After the connection is established, the sound goes to an unknown IP address.

Please check the settings of your SIP server.

mmm... is the LAN IP of SIP server...

i fix nat configuration on sip server.

try now


We are still doing tests and at the moment we can not repeat the problem. Try using our new beta version. For iOS devices, you can download the beta version from Testflight. If you have never downloaded our beta version from testflight, then please send your Apple ID.

Hi Dmitry,

finally i can do a test with last version (1.2.1).

I have still the issue.

on Last call, iridium not answer and hide the popup.

on other call, iridium answer but show "codec not found" message.



Tell me please, is your server still available? Can we do some more tests?

Hi Dmitry,

no, server isn't connect. I out of office today. Tomorrow i back to the office and reconnect it.

Hi Dmitry,

i reconnect sip server.


Unfortunately, your server is not available again. Could you run it again?

Hi Dmitry,

Sorry, but we have some problem with our connection.

I not change our firewall settings and the device is still connected.

In this moment the sip server is available.


Unfortunately, your IP adrress is not available.

Hi Dmitry,

yes, our firewall ignore ping request, but sip server is available.

try request on port udp 55060. i can connect from my phone (without wifi), i use zoiper softphone for test it

Hi Dmitry,

Have you some news?


Thank you for providing access to your server. We did some tests and found a strange thing. For some reason, the client periodically disconnects from the server. And it happens not only with our client, but also with the client Linphone. 

Most likely you have the following situation. During a call from the phone to Iridium, you see an incoming call in Iridium, but after receiving an incoming call, Iridium disconnects from the server (maybe there is a problem with the network or SIP server).  Because in Iridium, the disconnection event from the server is not processed, then you see an incoming call popup in Iridium. Since the project does not handle the disconnect event from the server, you see a popup window for an incoming call in Iridium. But in fact, the client at this time has already disconnected from the server. You can try adding handling of this event in the project script.

For example:

Thus, if you lose connection to the  server, then Iridium reconnects to the server. 

But with this change, the connection stay up?

During the registration phase, this code not disconnect the client?

1. iRidium establishes the connection with server

2. iRidium try to registrate on server

3. iRidium script catch a "status" change with value "Registration..."

4. iRidium script disconnect the client

5. iRidium script try a new connection

6. Go to point 1


Yes you are right. 

But I wrote this script as an example. You can modify it as you please.

You can try for example like this:

The proposed solution helped you?

Hello Tatiana,

the solution not work. I have still the problem and the "status" variable not change when i have the problem.

More, sometimes when i press hangup button on iridium, communication is not real closed and the called/caller phone still stay in "talking" state.

Hello Tatiana,

have you news for this problem?

I have 3 new customer that ask us integration with sip doorcom.

Sorry for delay. Unfortunately, there is no solution to your problem yet, but Dmitry wrote to you earlier that this problem of periodic disconnection of the client from the server occurs not only with our client, but also with the Linphone client. If this is still the case, then most likely the problem is not in iRidium, but in the settings of your SIP server. Please specify if the problem with the Linphone client still exists?

Hi Tatiana,

i not try with Linphone, but i have try with other 2 softphone, Zoiper (PC, Android and iOS) and Vasercontrol (iOS), and i not have problem with both software. Only iRidium give me this issue.