​Routines are not save correctly and it will not work after load​

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Routines are not save correctly and it will not work after load

V 1.1.6 and V 1.1.7

Server File: FILE

In this server file

I have one routine

WHEN LIGHT-10 is 0 or 1

THEN sent LIGHT-10 -> LIGHT-9

 if you double click on THEN line 1

you will see that Token is deselect

if you re-select and re-upload to server(Sent To transfer) it will working ok

but if you save this file, close studio, re-start studio, load this sirpz file

do not change anything and just click  Sent To transfer , that  routine will not work

if you go back to routine page

Token is deselect!

Under review


Thanks for the info! We will try to fix this in the next releases.

Still not fix in 1.1.8

every time I edit server

I have to reselect "token" one by one!

Hi, it will be fix litle bit later


Thankyou please let mt know once fix

as one of my project use a log of send_tag command 

and it broken every time i update this project


any update on this?

just a quick update:

problem still exist in 1.2.5

Hi, sorry for delay. It will be released in January.



We have fixed this issue in the new version of iRidium 1.2.6