Images/dynamic images not show'n until saving project

Matthijs Dankelman 6 months ago • updated 3 months ago 9


i open project, go to gallery and click project gallery, now i see no images in tab images and tab dynamic images. But i know they are there.

I click save button and they appear... please fix!

Waiting for user's reply


Which version of iRidium Studio do you use? Please, try to repeat the problem in last available version 1.1.9 or in beta version 1.2.0

1.2.0 it's solved! Thx was using

Hi Aleksandr, i have latest update and it's still happening. Any clue what could cause this? You can watch with teamviewer if you wish.

As addition, it seemed to be solved in the version i previously tested...

no item of project gallery is shown, pus save and theyre there!

Under review

Thank you for the information, there is such a problem, we will try to correct it in future versions.
The problem is repeated if you open the project through the explorer. If you open a project in the Studio through File-> Open, then all items in the Gallery will be displayed.



We fixed the problem in the latest version 1.2.5

Checked it and works, Thanks a lot!