Siri and apple homekit support i3 lite

Arie Timmer 1 year ago updated by Илья Черненко 4 months ago 7

Can you add siri and apple homekit support to i3 lite i saw it in many presentations and youtube videos on internet.




It is a fantastic solution if you can support this functionality.



It was in our product, but now we are undergoing official approval from Apple and for the duration of all the checks we had to remove this function from the available ones. Once the process is complete, we will again make it available for sale. Unfortunately, the deadlines are not defined, because this process depends on Apple.

Do you have any indication when you can add rhis homkit support again in the i3 lite? For me it was one of the reasons to buy the Iridium server.

Is it not possible to send me this unofficial product? So i can be your test user in combination with Duotecno.

Sorry, but we do not have exact deadlines for completing the certification process. Perhaps we can finish this by the end of the year, but we can’t guarantee it in any way. And we have a direct ban from Apple on distributing the pre-release version, sorry.

Hi Aleksandr,
Did you finish the certification process for apple homekit support already?

I just bought Iridium Lite few months ago. I have use it for few weeks and then my server hangs many times. After that i did a complete new installation of the raspberry server... but after few weeks again problems with restarting continuously. Now it is defect again.

Is there possibility to give me solution with homekit support so that i can test this on my raspberry server?

Kind regards,


Any update on the HomeKit certification?

Still no updates about Apple HomeKit Certification?