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Volume level - Serial rs-232

Christine Bizarello 3 years ago in Ideas updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 3

I have a project for AV automation and I'm using a global cache driver to control the device trough rs-232 port.

My device has the command "<11VOxx0x0D" to control the volume, where the 'xx' is the level of volume that goes from 00 to 38.

I need to create a level that controls this volume without the need of the creation  of 38 buttons for it. Can anyone help me?

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You can do so:
1) Get the value from the Level.
2) The obtained value to insert in the row of the datagram.

Concatenation in this case is possible only through the script. You can see how it is implemented in the attached project.



Ok, but I didn't quite understand why do I need a server for it?

Can't I do it with a simple script?

I'm trying to make a script on top of the model you sent but I'm not having any sucess.

When I call this script (by pressing a simple button) the command goes perfectly:

function Volume11(){// Global Cache:
IR.GetDevice("7Port").Send(['<11VOxx', '\r\n'], 1);        // .Send command as string

But when I try this one by pressing the level nothing happens:

function Volume(){// Global Cache:

volume_value = IR.GetPage("Page Volume").GetItem("Item 1").Value;

IR.GetDevice("7Port").Send(['<11VO' + volume_value, '\r\n'], 1);        // .Send command as string

What am I doing wrong?

I use a server to simplify the testing of a panel project.

What do you have in volume_value comes? Do after:

volume_value = IR.GetPage("Page Volume").GetItem("Item 1").Value;

the output in the log:

IR.Log ("volume_value = " + volume_value);

What you have there is the value? You try to add it to the string and send it.