Alexa / Google home i3pro server script

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I want to use i3 Pro and iridium server with google home and alexa script:

i tried this script but it didn't work:

In server log i get "channel not found".

Please send me the correct script for use with HDL.

<b>var</b> Alexa = IR.GetDevice("Amazon Alexa Network");
<b>var</b> HDL= IR.GetDevice("HDL Buspro Network (UDP)");
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_START,0,<b>function</b>() {
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:TemperatureMode", IR.SUB_DEVICE_STATE_CLIMATE_TEMP_MODE_COOLING);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:HeatTargetTemperature", 30);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:CoolTargetTemperature", 28);
  Alexa.SetFeedback("Thermostat:SensorTemperature", 24);
  IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, Alexa, <b>function</b>(name, value) {
    <b>switch</b> (name) {
      <b>case</b> "Switch:Power":
        HDL.Set("Light", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dock Station:Level":
        HDL.Set("DockStation", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dimmer:Power":
        HDL.Set("Dimmer_ON", value);
      <b>case</b> "Dimmer:Level":
        HDL.Set("Dimmer_Brightness", value);
    IR.Log("ALEXA! Device tag: " + name + " , value: " + value);
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Check in your project that the driver "HDL Buspro Network (UDP)" has channels that you have listed in the script. For HDL channels and feedbacks should be specified as: "device:channel".


I didn't understand . 

would help me a lot if you send me a demo (example) project file sirpz.

also value of switch should be toggle 0/100 - now it toggle 0/1


For the HDL driver, the Set command is executed by specifying the device:

HDL.Set("HDL-BUS Pro:Light", value);

See the example in the attached project.

Thank you Vladimir

Can you send me Google Home Script for HDL and KNX as well.

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For KNX example.


Specify your own settings in the KNX driver.


thank you for your answer

what about google home iridium pro script?

please release documents for alexa/google home i3 pro 


To set up Alexa documentation here. The documentation for Google Home will be published around mid-February 2019.

i fixed the hdl Alexa Script 


for now light switch works great ( instead of 0/1 power need to use 0/100)

can't get the HAVC to work.

any suggestions ? fixed sirpz script will be great


by the way

it will be much more easier if you will release drivers(knx\hdl, ect..) - alexa\google scripts 


We need more details. What happens when you send a command to Alexa for HVAC?

My mistake i thought HVAC is for AC (HDL AC control) control.

is AC control is possible ?


Amazon Alexa in iRidium is just an interface between real devices and Alexa. You need to either implement the functionality of these devices in iRidium server or provide connections to the appropriate physical devices. iRidium works with 4 types of devices:

Dock Station

You can use AC Control for an HDL device, but to control this device through Alex you need one of the following types.

Olá, Estou passando por alguns problemas, minha controladora é a global cachê. Estou usando um mini pc para ser o SERVIDOR. Gostaria de saber se teria como me enviar algum projeto para tentar entender onde estou errando.

Caso queria posso mandar o meu projeto.