HDL Enviro Panel module setup in i3 lite.

Dmitriy Shilyaev 1 year ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Adir Peleg 1 year ago 5

After adding the module to the project, fill in the setup, where we specify the IP, Port gate and SubnetID and DeviseID, which are assigned to the HDL Enviro Panel.

After filling up the setup module, in order to add the necessary devices associated with the HDL Enviro Panel, you must click the “plus” button:

In the menu that opens, you can select the devices you need:

When you select a device, a window is displayed in which you must specify the device number, which can be viewed in HDL Buspro (for example, AC):

In i3 lite, this parameter is entered in this field (for example, AC):

After these actions, the widget of the device you need will be added and you can manage it via i3 lite.

i3 Pro Enviro AC control does not work.

work only with DLP Panel.

any suggestion? 


We will check the project for errors and inform you.

We checked the project on HDL Enviro office equipment, could you clarify what specifically does not work for you?

after downloading enviro hdl demo project i fixed my errors. Thank you