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does a driver exist for Hunter Douglas Powerview for controlling Luxaflex blinds?

AdG 5 months ago updated by Charles Lai 4 months ago 2

I need a driver to control Luxaflex blinds. The blinds are controlled by a Hunter Douglas Powerview hub. Hunter Douglas has an API available for it. Did somebody write a driver to control this from iRidium Mobile already?

Under review


we have no plans about this driver.

Maybe some freelancers can help you with this.


1. Get a "PowerView Hub (Gen 2)" to be paired with drapes.

2. Use "PowerView App" to set up some "scene".

3. use this http command to get "scene ID" from the hub: http://ipaddress/api/scenes.

PS: you can reasily get this via any web browser, then you will get some scene ID's, for example a scene ID is "123".

4. Then just send "http://ipaddress/api/scenes?sceneId=123", and you can activate the scene stored in the hub.

This is not the officail API for "Gen 2 Hub", but it's the latest one and working, be minded the upper letters of commands.