Launching Scenes on the Server from a Client

Here is how you can programm turning on/off all reuired lighting using new fucntions of iRidium Mobile 3.0 and Modbus device. You'll need iRidium Server, iRidium Studio and any device with iRidium Client.

1. Create a server project

more about creating a server project here.

1. Create a File of a Server Project

Select "New Server Project" in the Menu.
Image 8767

2. Name a Project.

Give a name to the new project or leave a default one.

3. Input Settings of Connection to the Server.

Input basic information about a project and settings of connection to the server (can be input later).

Image 8803

Fill in the following fields in the Settings section for more convenient work:
  • Server host - server IP address
  • Server port - port for connecting to the server (by default it is 30464)
  • Login (function is under development) - loging for connecting control panels to the server
  • Password (function is under development) - password for connecting control panels to the server
  • System ID (function is under development) - a unique identifier of a server that will be used in push-notifications system and in DDNS server.
These settings of a Server project will be automatically imported to panel projects, assigned to the server project, on the stage of making a panel project. So you will not have to input all settings manually to each panel project.
See description of the other fields see here.

4. Go to I/O Tab

(more about tabs here):
Project Overview enables movement among windows of server settigns:

Editor window Server Project Overview.png

Project Overview:
  • I/O - Input/Output; opens server tags and driver tags for editing.
  • Config - settings of a server project.

5. Add Modbus TCP driver from device base

Image 8901

5. Input Settings of Connection to Equipment:

If you imported drivers from *.irpz project created earlier in iRidium GUI Editor, the settings for it are already input.
In the test example we took a ready project from WIKI2, made in the old version of iRidium GUI Editor

Image 8854
Input connection settings to the controlled equipement in DRIVERS tab:

  • Name - name of controlled equipment (any)
  • Debug Level - notification to be displayed in the server log
  • Local Connection - fill in the list of connection settings, it's unique for each driver

7. Set up up control commands and feedback channels:

Set up commands and feedback channesl in DRIVERS panel the same way it is done in Project Device Panel of a panel project. Manual on Modbus driver is in Wiki V2
A server channel (for recording) or server tag (for reading) is formed for each command and feedback channel in IRIDIUM SERVER panel. iRidium Server driver is formed on their basis, and each control panel that will connect to this server, will address these channels and tags.

Fields of a Server channel that can be set up (for writing):
Image 8856
  • Name - short name (by default: name of a driver command)
  • Full Name - full name of a server channel to call from script
  • Description - description (optional)
  • Script - do JavaScript function without agruments each time when a channel is activated
Fields of a Server tag that can be set up (for reading):
Image 8857
    • Name - short name (by default: name of driver feedback channel)
    • Full Tag Name - full name of a server tag to call from script
    • Description - description (optional)
    • Store In DB - saving all changed values in the database
    • Access - type of variable: Public - can be changed from a control panel, Private - can be changed from the server
    • Deadband - measurement inaccuracy, that is not take into account when making a chart on the basis of tag data.For example, if Deadband is 0.5, change of variable by 0.3 is not displayed in the chart in the client-app.
    • Script - do JavaScript function each time when a tag is activated.
For our project we need:
1 Virtual channel with "Light" name
Image 8904
3 Channel with set addresses
Image 8905

3 feedback channels with set addresses
Image 8906

8. Write logics that script will process

Go to JavaScript window
Image 8902
Nxt we see the following window
Image 8903

Next we describe logics for processing required server fucntions. The following function is used in our project.
//Lsunch a listener of the basis if global tag work.
IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)
      IR.Log("Active global: " + name + "\tЗначение: " + value);
      Write logics for required processing. In our case it's the following. 
      If command name corresponds to our channel and its value is 1, we change value to 0 and the light is turned off.
      if (name == "Server.Channels.Light" && value == 1)
             IR.Log("Light OFF")
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 1", 0)
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 2", 0)
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 3", 0)
      Write logics for required processing. In our case it's the following.
    If command name corresponds to our channel and its value is 0 we change value to and the light is turned on.
      if (name == "Server.Channels.Light" && value == 0)
             IR.Log("Light ON")
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 1", 1)
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 2", 1)
             IR.SetVariable("Server.Channels.Modbus TCP.Channel 3", 1)
//Signature block for required tags
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Server.Tags.Modbus TCP.Channel 1")
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Server.Tags.Modbus TCP.Channel 2")
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Server.Tags.Modbus TCP.Channel 3")

9. Save a project .

2. Make a panel project

1. Add server channels and tags to a panel project

There are several ways to do it:

1. Make a panel project from a server project

1. Open your server project. Click with a right mouse button on the project name and select "Create Panel Project".
Image 8907

2. Name a panel project.
3. iRidium Server driver is in "Project Device Panel" of a panel project, The driver has connection settings to a server project (if you set them before), as well as all channels and tags.

2. Assign commands to graphical items

Driver commands and feedback, as well as driver tokens are assigned to graphical items the way it is done with all other drivers according to the manual at iRidiumWiki.

Virtual server channels are assigned as SendNumber with empty Value field.Image 8908

When the light is turned off, send 1, when the light is turned on, send 0.

To test what is programmed above, do the following:
1. Launch the server.
2. Upload a project onto it.
3. Launch/upload a client project.
4. If you don't have read Modbus devices, launch Modbus emulator.

Ready projects (The archive has a server project + a panel project + emulator):


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