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ASCII, HEX, DEC send from Trigger Button

ahmad alnems 7 лет назад в GUI Editor обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 лет назад 11

we need toggle button for all data types HEX , Decimal, Ascii ..etc to be like press button in programming tab ,so no need for scripts ?

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Something like this for AV drivers?

Yes, please! But with the possibility to include the driver we need (KNX, AV, etc).


there is no other way than voting to do it , or make it more public to other customers to vote ?

Firstly, this idea is in the product discussion thread in version 2.2, which is no longer supported.
Secondly, we realize many ideas without a vote, if it is a unique opportunity. But in this case - you can implement this on scripts. We can not realize all the functions, so with the help of voting we try to rank them.

if we opend this thread in version 3 you will do it

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