The ultimate "Support devices list"

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Hi to all Forum members.

iRidium mobile is getting bigger and bigger all over the world. More and more installers/system-integrators and end-users are testing and using iRidium mobile. But also many users have problems with specific devices: special Windows PC's (for example with Embedded Windows versions); PC's with bad video-cards (not supporting OpenGL or DirectX); specific Android devices, etc.

That's the reason we ask your help: the world-wide installers, system-integrators and end-users; to make a complete list with all tested devices with iRidium mobile, and the results: are they working or not with iRidium mobile? If not, we can help the programmers to improve the software, so that the list with supported and working devices can be bigger and bigger.

I want to setup a list with all supported devices;
- Supported devices for iOS (smartphones, tablets, etc)
- Supported devices for Windows (All-in-One PC, Industrial PC's, Touch PC's, fan-less PC's, desktop PC's)
- Supported devices for Android (smartphones, tablets, etc)
- Supported devices for MacOS (laptops/pc's etc).

And, second:
- All tested equipment for Audio/Video-devices (recievers, amplifiers, Dvd's, etc)

So, with the help of all of you worldwide, it must be a 'ultimate support device list' for all users of iRidium mobile, so all users can check this file a specific model or type or brand will work with iRidium mobile.

I made a first setup of the file, in Excel. Please add your tested devices in this Topic, and i add your tested devices to my Excel list, update it, and publish on the Forum.

Only in this way we can create a world-wide supported list for supported devices in iRidium mobile.

Please add your comments and tested devices:
- Brand
- Type / model number
- Operating system
- The device is working or not
- If not, please add the error-message or something to add as a comment in the list
- Please specify also the iRidium-version you tested with the device!!!
- Try to use always the LATEST (BETA)-version of the software; don't use old version like iRidium HD or i2 for KNX.

Thank you for your support, and let's create together the list!


Theo Derks,



We would be grateful if you give us this information via the section of the web-site: http://www.iridiummobile.net/recommended-equipment/
Thank you for help!

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