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I am currently converting a node.js program to be a driver in Iridium, and have some basic issues with Javascript functions not defined.

For example text.subscript and text.replace fail, but text.slice appears to work.

Where can i find the list of methods and functions which are supported in the Iridium implementation; as i am currently suck; or can i import/reference outside modules to add functions, and reuse work done?

Figured out that the object types were incorrect, and i need to do a conversion before the string methods were offered.

We've adopt a lot of node.js libraries under iRidium.

Damian, you are nice guy and going right way :)
My driver for the ELK M1 / NESS M1 Security Panel is now communicating, messages are getting parsed; and today I hope to be able to send Arming and Disarming commands :)

I do think that this driver will be much better running on iRidium Server, as there would be much options for event triggers, which running on the UI panel will not make a lot of logic.

Thanks for the encouragement.
Ohhh, That is interesting. The ELK has two modes of connection - SSL or Clear; I have chosen clear for obvious reasons; but with this trick; i might be able to use existing modules to establish the secure channel..

Very Cool
It's cool, really ))
We've thinked about "adopt pure JavaScript TLS library for iRidium". But there are a lot of binary data processing.
And in the SEE (Simple Ecma Script) there are no Typed arrays support. It's really sad :(
Hello, iRidium, do you see this? =)
На рассмотрении
Yes we see, and we are able to add Typed arrays in SEE natively. It is planned.
Hi, guys!

Please, announce the date: when you are planning to release typed array.

P.S.: please, implement it in a way, as closer to nodejs typed array, as you can :)

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