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Hello Everybody.

Can somebody explain me how to read a status from a modbus device/adress.

Right now i can toggle light on/off. but i want to read a feedback, then if status is 0 the state 1 of a button is active.

I have these informations from my modbus controller.

На рассмотрении


Please specify which controller you are using?

Hi again.

The controller is a Smarthouse controller SH2WEB24 from Carlo Gavazzi (European home automation system)

Datasheet |

i have connection to the controller and can switch light on/off but cant read status.

on analog values i can read it into iRidium

thanks a lot

As you set up the receive Status in iRidium ?

Please send the screenshot of the settings of the feedback channel.

hi again

please look at picture.. then i drag & drop Feedback Channel into a label and press In Value

(i know that adress is differnt from the previus picture but its it test-program)

If believe your table, the settings for obtaining the status you will have the following:

Okay, That worked!

On Send Command its Swapped Big Endian ,and on feedback its low Endian.

Thanks a lot.. i mark it with Solved

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