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Can I exchange my ALREADY ACTIVADED I2.X license from iridium 2 to 3?

Gabriel Ruiz 4 года назад в General обновлен Tatiana Kiselyova (expert) 4 года назад 1

I have a client who already has an activated i2 license. His iPhone updated to ios 11, so he can no longer use v2. In the FAQ I saw that, aparently, the activated license cant be exchange, just the unactivated ones. But im not sure. Can my client exchange his activated license or he must pay another one? Cus it would be REALLY inconvenient. Thanks.

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The activated license can be exchanged in the My account on the iRidium V2-> License Exchange tab. Then you will need to convert the project - open and save the old project in the new iRidium Studio. In the test mode, verify that
everything has been correctly converted. Download the project to the Cloud, attach the license and invite users.

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