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revision control system with Iridium

Nikolay Arbuzov 7 лет назад в GUI Editor обновлен Oksana (expert) 7 лет назад 3

It would be nice to have an integration with version control systems like git for the source code.
To my view all of the project components has to be stored in the version control:

- scripts
- project graphics components and interfaces.

basically everything that is stored in .irpz file has to be under version control.

I see multiple benefits of this feature:

- Allow multiple developers/designers to collaborate on the project
- Reuse components of the project in other projects e.g. branching.
- Support of the existing installations knowing which version of project was deployed
and if there any components/libraries were changed after.
- Use of other tools to modify project components - text editors, graphics editors,
Iridium GUI Editor would act as a compiler and transfer tool, while development can be
done elsewhere.


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We are using git (bitbucket repositories) with npm (npmjs.com) packet manager for modularity.
Please, contact me by email: aborovsky@beetoo.me.

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