Please enable iTunes File Sharing

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We need iTunes File Sharing Enabled for iRidium so we do not have to jailbreak the iPad to get to the app sandbox

Please enable iTunes File Sharing so we can access the Sandbox without jailbreaking, which we would rather not do.



Hi Jackie!
We do not plan to give an access to iRidium app resources in the security reasons.
Please do not use the file managers to access to iRidium data. You have to use the source projects.

For the users who worry about data safety:

  • with an official iOS version it will not be possible to download iRidium data with file manager like iFunbox
  • if you want to protect your data as good as it possible please save the projects with "iRidium GUI Editor > File > Save Protect Project". This *.pirpz project cannot be edited, but it will work properly on your device

Thank you for understanding!

Hi Ekaterina

We have permission from the end user to access the project this way. They have changed installers and do not have access to the project file.


Hi Jackie

Sometimes end user change installers and do not pay them.

Sometimes installers do not complete the work.

For the moment we do not protect the deal between installer and end user. And first of all we are trying to protect iRidium: graphic part, licenses, connection data.

In iRidium 3.0 this problem will be solved by iRidium Cloud, but the internal app resources will not be shared.

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