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iPad not playing any sounds.

TuomoHautala 6 лет назад в i2 Control V2.2 обновлен Dmitry - support (expert) 6 лет назад 5

In my project I am testing sound capabilities in iridium but i'm not getting any sound.

With emulator it's working fine but when I transfer it to my iPad Air 2, no sound is coming.

Does it require licence to hear sounds?

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What license are you using?

I dont have any licence currently for iPad Air 2.

Does it require licence to get sounds?

Actually no. The sound should work without a license. Check the level of the sound in the app, when launch the project. To check it you can in the settings app

Try this project Project 2.irpz

Sound options in the app looks to be ok.

Tried that project. Works on desktop but when transferred to iPad there is no sound.

iPad settings looked also to be fine.

During loading the project, can you see the upload progress in the transfer?

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