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Problems with HTTP - POST Driver

oggi katic 6 лет назад в Продукты / Other drivers обновлен Dmitry - support (expert) 6 лет назад 2

Hey everybody..

I have problems with HTTP drivers to control Sony BDP S-4500.

The strange thing is that i control it from a another App, with these following POST commands..

But when i use it in iRidium nothing happens ( driver status is 0)


Some more info:

When i try to make a TCP driver, i can connect to BDP and drivers online = 1 and status = 2.

it can connect but i need a POST method to send data

But. when i make a HTTP as these, then online and status is 0

Really strange i think..

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Driver TCP is always connected to the equipment, we can see this from his settings

Driver HTTP connects to the equipment, when we send a command via the driver.

Try to add your command in URI field.

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