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i3Pro displays white screen when using displaylink monitors.

Mike Slattery 4 года назад в Bugs and problems обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 4 года назад 3

I have been using a SEETEC 10.1" USB DisplayLink monitor running on an INTEL NUC for some applications. When I tried to run i3Pro, it would only display a white screen for the program. The resolution of the monitor is 1024x600. I did find a work around by placing a monitor EDID emulator on the HDMI out of the NUC and then set the display settings to duplicated at 1024x600.

Can you check to see why i3Pro does not display with a DisplayLink monitor. 

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Specify which render you use? What color depth is used (24, 32, etc.)?

This happens when the program is first started, without login. It will be just a white screen for the iRidium page. There is no way to even login. You will need to get one of the SEETEC 10.1" USB DisplayLink monitors to test. For now I have a fix by placing a monitor EDID emulator on the HDMI port of the Intel NUC. 



Does the monitor support OpenGL overlay? Try to start some OpenGL test on the DisplayLink monitor. Can try to change the render (default is OpenGL), for example, to set DX 11.

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