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i3 pro login page - add update and exit buttons

Mike Slattery 3 года назад в Ideas обновлен 3 года назад 2

When i3 pro project login is displayed, it would be great if there was an Update button and an Exit button. the Update button would ensure that the latest i3 pro was installed before selecting a project and the Exit button would allow for easy exit especially with Android and Kiosk systems. 

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the "Update application" button only makes sense on WIN (mobile ones update themselves).

About the button "Exit" is not entirely clear its purpose. After all, the kiosk mode assumes that you can not exit the application, explain its functionality, please.


On the windows units it would be nice to have a quick way of updating. 

We have a kiosk type android that starts with iRidium and when there is no project loaded, it runs the login and there is no way to exit. I have to load a project that has an exit. 

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