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Import .csv or .xml for a Bacnet Project on iRidium Server

Leandro Augusto 2 года назад обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 года назад 7


I have a big project with 7 Bacnet Controllers on iridium Server. Each controller is connected to lights, shades and HVAC thermostats. I´ll have a lot of work to create each Command and Feedback. I want to know if there is another choice to create commands and feedbacks on Excel (csv or xml) file than import to iridium. 

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Import from xml is currently partially supported. There are plans to implement import from csv.

Is there any chance to edit this xml structure and help me now? I see documentation about SBO Workstation. But I´m not using this software.


Initially, it was supposed to work only with SBO Workstation files. We need to explore the possibility of using files created by other applications. Attach your xml file and specify in which application it is created.

I only have .csv file exported by spaceLYnk - Schneider Electric

Thank you, we will try to implement the import of the submitted file in the new Studio.

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