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Running emulator, save script, JS Editor jumps to line 0

Jackie Roos 5 лет назад в Приложения / i3 Pro обновлен Oksana (expert) 5 лет назад 2

In JS Editor

  1. Open any existing script
  2. change something
  3. Hit F5 or Emulator button
  4. asks if want to save script, yes
  5. the script cursor jumps to line 0.

This is really annoying and time consuming - if I forget to remember what line I am on, I have to find where I was again

This has not started happening until recently

Please fix

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Hello Jackie,

Sorry, but we can't repeat =( the script cursor doesn't jump to line 0.

For example: video

When I return to a script window, cursor doesn't jump

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