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Angle property

Benno Evers 7 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен Виктор 5 лет назад 5 1 дубликат
It would be good to set the angle property of an object in the gui editor, so we can rotate objects by default.


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Thanks for mentioning this great idea Benno. Just like in many other programs (for example Microsoft Visio) you can freely rotate items/objects just by simply clicking on the item and dragging the 'rotate handle' on top of the object like the image below.

An angle value box under "Object properties -> General" would be nice, or even better "Object properties -> States" would also be very nice :). Under states you could set the angle for every state individually.

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It would be very convenient to display video cameras on the floor plan.

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