Android beta version 1.1.8. crash when trying to open service menu

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 Android beta version 1.1.8

crash when touch and hold background for 10 sec

it crash right after password popup is show

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We checked the situation described by you on our devices (Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro - Android 6.0.1 and HTC U Play - Android 6, Ark Benefit M502 - Android 5).

The problem did not recur. Please specify which version and device of Android you have repeated.


Im on pure Android 7.1.2 (Just factory reset my phone)

Nexus 6P Device


I think I found a problem 

I'am not sure if it related to new Android permission system (Requesting Permissions at Run Time) or not


Some of permission is denied/turn off for some reason

, once I3 request to use that permission but it denied I3 is crash instead of ask user for permissions again

I Fully clear i3 data, uninstall and reinstall 1.1.8 APK

now my i3 is working correctly now

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Sorry for delay with answer. Yes, the problem in permisions. We will try to fix this. Thanks for the info!



We fixed this issue. You can check this on the beta version 1.2.0

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