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The way commands are added affects if value is truncated or not

Jackie Roos 5 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен 5 лет назад 7

1. EXISTING button and command that was created by opening iRidium 2 project into iRidium 3,and the parameter sent to server is 254

Value is truncated to 254:

2. Copy and paste EXISTING button that was created by opening iRidium 2 project into iRidium 3 with different command but existing same value (254/203/1). Change command to Enable On,

Value is not truncated (254/203/1)

3. create a new button and drag on the command, enter the value 254/203/1

Value is truncated to 254:

Please fix ASAP

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Hello Jackie,

Please, send us a test project with this button for replaying. Yhank you

I have identified the problem (see screen shots above)

iRidium 2 command values were 'Send Text' (#2 above, the one that worked)

Adding a new command in iRidium 3 in the Server TCP driver is 'Send Number' (Customer TCP Driver does Send Text)

This means when sending a command with values in iRidium 3 like 254/203/3, iRidium 3 is taking the first number and not sending the whole string

Please change this to send text ASAP

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Mmm.. Sorry, i can't understand you =)

Do you mean this? For driver type "iRidium Server (TCP)"?

iRidium 2, AV & Custom Systems Driver, Drag on a Command, Default Action is Send Command

Which results in Send Text here:

iRidium 3, iRidium Server Driver, Drag on a Command, Default Action is Send Number

Please change DEFAULT back to Send String as it is mucking up all drivers/scripts converted from iRidium 2 to iRidium 3, and is already causing extra support calls. Please change ASAP


Hello Jackie,

iRidium Server driver isn't AV & Custom System Driver and other users want to set "Send number" always.

Mmm, we can update "Send Command" for iRidium Server driver and save a last choice of users (in current session of Studio).

If you choice "Send Text", in second time you see "Send Text", not "Send Number".

is it help you?

Please make it a setting in Tools/Options.

Changing a crucial default behaviour like this because someone requested it is not good.

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