Your comments

Thank you so much for implementing URL Scheme.I just tested it a few minutes back and it works great. I appreciate you taking the time to implement this feature that I requested. This feature is awesome!

Thank you so much, its wonderful to see you take the feedback and implement it. I have checked the implementation and it reflects the changes. I will test it to see the functionality and give feedback if any.

Correct, this is what I think is ideal

The below is standard for CMN and cannot be changed. Its just a number from 0 to 255.

DPT Type 5.010

Mode: 0-Cool, 1-Heat, 2-Auto, 3-Dry, 5-Fan

Have you tested or are you making me the guinea pig?

What if we edit the remote? Will it get broken?

I will check and update you on the same. I am worried to use modules that are not properly tested.

Thank you so much, This will be an amazing feature!!

Has this feature of opening third party apps using URL Scheme been implemented yet?