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I mean you save the project to the hard drive of your computer or is it some kind of network storage?


Please tell me where you save your project?

Create in the camera settings of the user, which will have the name and password.

Then use your link on the thread using the name and password of the user you created.

Also make the following camera settings:

1) Demuxer = <Default>

2) Refresh = 1000

3) Delete "Param"


Which IP camera do you use?


Most likely this week it will published.


Да, вы можете включать и отключать логические функции. Для этого вам необходимо в настройке команды указать номер нужной функции (Universal Number), установить код операции (Operation Code) в Universal Switch. И настроить команду на отправку числа: 0 - выключить, 255 - включить.


This not needed panel. We will delete it.