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Its possible to convert in script two bytes hexadecimal to one decimal value?

OK, so I have to define all commendsd in driver tree?

How can I read and send volume level and convert to eg. 0-100% if:

"Ashly encodes level as a 16-bit (two byte) value. This value's range is from -50.0dB to +12.0dB with tenth-dB
precision. The process for converting a value in dB to the encoded form is to take the dB value, multiply by 10,
and add 8192. For example, the encoded form of -6.3dB would be -6.3dB * 10 + 8192 = 8129. You can then
take that encoded value and convert it to the two bytes by converting to hexadecimal (0x1FC1). So the first
byte is 0x1F and the second byte is 0xC1."

second screen, after:
1. quit Studio
2. disconnect external screens
3. run Studio - ca't found overview, project device panel and device base


use Windows 10 pro 64bit. On older versions of Studio have these same problem.


First screen when use external monitors:

Problem solved. I found it after reinstall Windows. 

Comp is PC on stick - Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300, I use it with USB lan adapter and switch off WiFi card in control panel -> network connections. When WiFi card is off, then i2control can't get device HWID, after switching WiFi card on, i2control work correctly.

It was the first thing I checked, but it didn't solve the problem. I have administrator rights and run i2control with administrator rights.

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