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I am very curious is there is some progress? 2 years ago I received some project information, which helped me implementing iBeacon information in my app. Biggest issue is that my customers need to re-initialize their app, because  the UIDs are different for each device. While when using other software, I can see the UID is always the same on different devices. 

When will BLE be upgraded to a fully supported part of iRidium Mobile? If there are no plans for the coming future, then that is an answer also...


Jan Oost

Can you share the name of the function? 

It is nice to put extra functionality in a system, but I don't understand why a new version is released without having the documentation ready...

17/05/2018 iRidium Setup

Client i3 Pro (

  • Function for working with BYOD is added
  • Driver for working with the ODBC interface is added ( Only Win client! )


  • BYOD. Authorization by QR codes is added


  • BYOD. Authorization by QR codes is added

But how can I use it? I see "Function for working with BYOD is added", but I can't more information about this.

Do you have an example for me?

I got quite some people walking around with the same app. I created my own way to announce there is an update, but with this new functionality it works much nicer!!!! But the user must manually enable this functionality. So I call this semi-auto-update :-)  Is there a function in iRidium Mobile, where I can force the app into auto-update mode?. I couldn't find it in project settings BTW. And if this is not possible, would this be a nice feature for the very nearby future?

My client has requested an easier way to login and this looks easier... This is for the Aileen App BTW.