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Beckhoff ADS

Allan Kowsky 3 months ago in Bugs and problems • updated by Pozzera yesterday at 2:39 p.m. 4

Is there anyone who made a succesfull connection with Beckhoff ADS driver in i3 pro? I tried everything, is seems that the connection is made, but the variable cannot be found. I made the ADS route in twincat. Made an variable in system manager for feedback. I tried to use an linked symbol I know there is data in, but nothing happens. The wiki is not for much use as the same for the driver instuctions.

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We know about several projects that use the Beckhoff ADS driver, but they are still in the works (not finished).
Describe what version of twincat do you use? Which controller?
Is the connection successful (online driver status)?


I tried but it does not work.

The controller is CX8000.

Twincat 2.

The online driver status changes continuously from 0 to 1 or vice versa

I try with example on http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Beckhoff/en

The modbus works perfect. 

I have a lot of experience with beckhoff twincat 2 and 3. But it doesn't works....

Specify, please, what is your version of iRidium? Close TwinCAT while running via iRidium. I also attach more detailed instructions on setting Beckhoff in iRidium, try to insist on it:

Readme Beckhoff_en.docx


(At first, sorry for my english :) )

My Project with IRidium Studio 1.2.5 is working fine.

I3 pro is running on an IPhone 6s.

Here is a little manual how i made it.

-> Manual