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Tanapol E. 4 weeks ago in Products / KNX • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 4 weeks ago 4

V 1.1.8

Hi, I try to change my device from rPI + ip router to

UMC Device by change device type to 

then upload to cloud and re download project

but it look like UMC Device won't read anything on start ("read on start" is  set to "True")

of UMC server was restart everything will show as "OFF"?

On ETS5 pc, when use rPI + ip router, when restart irserver I can see GroupValueRead on bus monitor

like this: (1.1.99 is my ip router)

but no GroupValueRead when using umc server...

Francesco Zangara 1 month ago in Products / KNX • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 weeks ago 7

If I have a project with KNX IP Interface or KNX IP Router, iRidium send command on KNX with address 15.15.250.

This is not correct if the interface/router stay on other line (for example 1.1.xxx).

How can I change the physical address used from iRidium?

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Francesco Zangara 2 months ago in Products / KNX • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 6 days ago 36

iRidium Studio is compatible with IPBoas774, IP Interface 730 and 731?

Studio not find this devices during import.

Tanapol E. 2 months ago in Products / KNX • updated 1 month ago 8

Will USB KNX Interface work with IR server?

such as this one 


or this one

rPI will see this as /dev/ttyAMA0 not sure if I can use kBerry for this or not?)

sachinb 5 months ago in Products / KNX • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 months ago 2
Duncanvsmith996 7 months ago in Products / KNX • updated 7 months ago 3

I get 3 fan statuses low (0/1), med (0/1) and high(0/1). I want to change and indication of a button in 3 different states.What button type must I use (trigger)?



i3pro работает с BAOS по внешнему статическому ip стабильно в Москве и области и из многих других мест (объект в Москве). Но, клиент перемещается по тем местам где он не работает (Сочи, Испания, США...). Там связи с BAOS нет, причем отображение ip камер на этом объекте в i3 работает везде. Как можно объяснить это, а лучше решить проблему? (Мысли: TTL маленький, ping большой, блокировка портов операторами...)

P.S. В Испании через прокси работает. Проблема на разных объектах

Laynd 11 months ago in Products / KNX 0

Will Shneider MTN6500-0113 KNX IP Router work with Iridium KNX drivers? I am new to KNX platform, need some insight.

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Punith 1 year ago in Products / KNX • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 1 year ago 4

We are using KNX - IP ROuter and HDL KNX devices are connected in the control panel , It works locally while we try to connect through internet it does not work, Kindly make a solution for it, Advanced thanks

Dmitrii P 2 years ago in Products / KNX • updated by Dmitry Shulgin 2 years ago 2
Драйвер для
Weinzierl KNX USB Interface 311
/330/USB других производителей
KNX Serial BAOS 870

то чо можно непосредственно воткнуть в сервер, исключив LAN