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Option Gallery Template


Can you explain the function of "Gallery Template"?

We can't find the way how to use it..




Panel Blocks

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 2

When we choose in Studio for Tools, Default Panel Sizes, there is a panel displayed: Blocks.

What is the function of this panel?




Default Program

Jackie Roos 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 1

*.siprz on Windows 8.1 is not opening by default in iRidium Studio. Trivial but annoying

Please add this default in the installation :)


Oksana (expert) 2 years ago

It is a beta setup. Apps from beta setup hasn't relatIons to files. In release version, relations will be added.

If you want, you should add a relation by manually.




Patrick PETIT 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 1

I use the server (for test) with a i2control client and with a KNX driver.
And with the server it's OK for the KNX driver (commands and feedback).

Thank you to answer these questions, I would like to move forward on the server test project (data base) with a panel control project (i2control).

In the documentation it writes (see above): Virtual variables are available for editing from a control panel. You mean from a control panel in the Studio development tool ?
I understood that the Virtual-tags could be changed from a control panel (i2control). It is not the case ?

The Virtual-Tags variables is the database on the server ?

In I/O and Virtual-Tags:
This point is not clear and is not explained.

What does the "Persist"?
In French is thought understand: a saved data. It is not in your document

To save a data in the database must select only the data type "Stored In DB" ?
Or also I have to put Persist = Yes

Is it possible to transfer variables from the database (Virtual-Tags) to a client application i2control ?
Is it possible to transfer data from a client application i2control to the database (Virtual-Tags) server ?
And if yes, how do I transfer the data ?

Thank You
Best Regards



Server debugging (logging) settings

Jackie 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 2
I cannot find what is described in the article above to adjust the server logging levels

Please tell me where to look to find these settings, am I in the right version?

1. Panel project Settings:

2. Server Project Settings button is disabled
3. Panel project driver properties:

4. Server project Drivers

Oksana (expert) 2 years ago
Log level can be changes in several ways:
1. Setting in iRidium GUI Editor (Setup of system logs)
- Click Settings

- You'll see the following in the window that appears

In this window you can change settings of the system log level.
2. Setting in iRidium GUI Editor (Driver system)
- Every driver has its own system log level. It's located in the driver settings.

In this window you can change settings of driver logging.
Waiting for user's reply

ETS5 Group Address Styles <-> Studio

Dmitrii P 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated 2 years ago 2

The idea is ether to add fields that can't be edited that display 2 and Free styles for 3-level address or to show in the editable parameter for KNX IP Router -> Group Address Styles.

3-Level; 2/2/2 = 00010/010/00000010b
2-Level; 2/514 = 00010/010 00000010b
Free-Level; 4610 = 00010 010 00000010b

A project can be switched between levels 2 and 3 in ETS. But if it is FREE, one has to think that 2/2/2 has to be sent to 4610 address.

Import of .knxproj-files is still not OK

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by miro.suchanek 12 months ago 5


When importing .knxproj-files in iridium Studio, commands are visible in 'Feedback' tree and feedbacks are visible in 'Command' tree.

And example:
A command to switch on/off a light, is also visible in 'Feedbacks'.
A feedback to show the temperature from a Weather station is also visible in 'Commands'.

It takes much time to cleanup all these wrong imported items: installers have to delete manually all feedbacks that are visible in 'Commands', and remove all commands that visible in 'Feedbacks'.

We expected this was fixed after 4 years of experience with KNX...

Please fix.



Waiting for user's reply

Projects conversion, excel drivers table

Alessandro Munari 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 1

Hi team, happy new year. A new year is coming and a new idea is coming too.

When I convert an old project into a new iridium panel project all the drivers will be lost, all the associations will be lost because if a put all the old driver in the server project the name will change. It would be a good idea if you create a simple tool to export old drivers (all togheter) into excel format from the previuos version and import the same file modified (users will made all the changes they need in excel, more easy) and then read the drivers from that excel table. This will be very useful when you have many drivers and associacions. Or if for you will be more esy done this directly in iridium, but I think is more difficult than using an excel table, like the one used to import modbus register already done. Sorry for my explanation but if you need more detailed info, fell free to ask. Best regards, and happy new year.


Modbus TCP Server

Андрей 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Dmitry Shulgin 2 years ago 6
Подскажите по драйверу modbus tcp server (порт 502).
С учетом выхода iridium server получается есть два варианта настроить подключение панелей iridium к iridium server'у:
1. Связать проект панели с проектом сервера, подключение панелей на порт 30464 сервера.
2. Использовать компонент modbus tcp server на стороне iridium server, а на стороне панелей поднять modbus tcp master, которые и будут связаны с сервером через порт 502. ИЛИ это не возможно?

Загрузка панельного проекта на панель

Dmitry Kheymits 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated 2 years ago 22
Вопрос отсутствует в Wiki, хотя есть заголовок. Насколько я понимаю для панели не требуется отдельной лицензии, если есть серверная. Тогда как загрузить? Трансфер для панельного проекта требует лицензии.
И попутный вопрос: должен ли работать эмулятор в панельном проекте при запущенном сервере (проект на сервер загружен)?