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Alessandro Munari 1 year ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 3

Hi, just as suggestion it would be better if the Iridium Server will start as Windows SERVICE. This will allow the start of the iridium server also if you were not logged into the system.

Dmitrii P 2 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Oksana (expert) 9 months ago 2

[ Filter ___________] for [x] Commands Name [x] Feedback Name [ apply] [clear]

[ Commands Filter ___________] [apply] [clear]
[ Feedback Filter ____________] [apply] [clear]

the second is preferrable, as command name may have nothing in common with Feedback name.

Dmitrii P 2 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by iRidiumNikita 1 year ago 1

Place in Tray functions that are main at the moment.

Open Web Interface
Open Console
Close (Exit)

"Close" button in the console window, minimizes to Tray and does not close the app.

iRidiumNikita 1 year ago

Thank you for your idea!

Андрей Sam 7 months ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Виктор 22 hours ago 31

Добрый день.

По совету Дмитрия подниму тему здесь. Собственно, ситуация уже разобрана и все ясно, цель публикации - чтобы не потерялась идея.

Проблема в следующем - если хранить в теге длинную строку (я храню ответ от Yahoo сервиса), то в логе сервера появляется сообщение о невозможности отобразить строку в WEB интерфейсе. Сам WEB интерфейс начинает некорректно работать - пропадает отображение всех тэгов на сервере. Сама строка при этом нормально пишется-читается из скриптов.

Возможное решение - в WEB интерфейсе показывать только некоторое количество первых символов из строки.

And for not Russian-reading people.

Server has a bug in its WEB interface. When I try to save a large string into a server tag (Yahoo weather answer string) I got a message in server-log: ERROR, string is too big to web change.

After this on the WEB page of server we can't see any feedback (after page refresh).

But we still can read-write the tag in script.

Decision of this case may be the next: to show on the server WEB page only some first symbols of the tag string.

Under review
Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 12 months ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Oksana (expert) 11 months ago 1


When installing a new setup, and the iridium Server is running in the background, this error is showed:

Please stop iridium Server.exe automatically when installer is installing new setup.



Oksana (expert) 11 months ago

Hello Theo,

This is beta functional and we will improve it. Thank you for your opinion.

Alessandro Munari 1 year ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 months ago 3

Hi team,

something is missing now is a scheduler and a data logger. I'm coming from industrial controllers and the very first thing that a noticed is the lack of the scheduler and the datalogger. That are very useful when you do automation projects that use timers, and in project where you whant to store some variabiles for example for energy consumption metering. I know that you are planning to do that, but put on top of your priorities in your first version of the official release.

Thanks and regards

Wouter 2 weeks ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 weeks ago 3

I've installed the latest version of i3 Pro, that comes with server v1.1.2:11410

In my JavaScript I do:

var sql = new SQL();

When I start my server project I get errors:

[09-03-2017 12:09:09.512]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::Init() unable to open database file
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.521]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::CompileQuery() BEGIN
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.532]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::CompileQuery() library routine called out of sequence
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.543]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::ExecuteByString() bad statement
etc. etc.

In version 1.1.1:11195 this worked fine.

teddy 3 weeks ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated 3 weeks ago 2

Hello tech support,

Currently our i3 Pro apps is working on trhe cloud however we experienced delay in the status of Door contacts (Open or Close) and apprently a few more items.

As such we would be moving this to server type. We would like to try using our Windows 10 PC as a server. Is this possible. I dont get to read this in the forum hence i asked. If there was, Sorry i didnt get to read it appreciate if you can send me the link.

Our license is virtualization + server .


Paolo Scarpetta 2 months ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 2 months ago 1

I need to set the same value to a lot of commands, Is it possible to set the same value to a group of commands by defining the desired one in a virtual channel for example?

Paolo Scarpetta 2 months ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 week ago 6

I need to configurate Periodic Actions on Iridium Server, I saw a post but have some syntaxis error on it,

This is the post:

Periodic actions

To perform an action every day at some particular time (with the possibility to edit the time), it is required to create the script on the server.

Example 1: the simplest timer doesn't have a settings on client side. We are creating the list of needed timers on server, it is not possible to see the list of this timers on Client side or set the running time

// if your another JS files includes  "IR.SetGlobalListener()"  
// you have to add the code inside of previous IR.SetGlobalListener() and delete the listener from this file!
// if you are not sure that you are able to do it yourself please contact to support@iridiummobile.ru
IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function (name, value)
   if (name == "System.Time.Minutes")
      // start hour, start minute, duration of process (ms), channel full name, start value, stop value 
      // if you don't want to stop process, add "no" instead of stop value 
      check_timer (10, 45, 60000, "Server.Channels.KNX Router (KNXnet/IP).Pump 1", 1, 0);             // timer 1 
      check_timer (14, 30, 480000, "Server.Channels.KNX Router (KNXnet/IP).Pump 2", 1, "no");         // timer 2
                                                                                                      // you can add more
   // do not edit the other part, you need only to add the needed timers in above  
   function check_timer (hours, minutes, duration, channel, start_value, stop_value)
      if (IR.GetVariable("System.Time.Hour") == hours && IR.GetVariable("System.Time.Minutes") == minutes) 
         function stop () 
            IR.GetServer().Set(channel, stop_value);
            IR.Log("process at +"hours+":"+minutes+" stopped");
         IR.GetServer().Set(channel, start_value);
         IR.Log("process at +"hours+":"+minutes+" started");
         if (stop_value != "no") 
            IR.SetTimeout(duration, stop);

//*NOTE: I just change the time and the name of my Channels, but didn´t work.
The name of my KNX Router is: KNX IP Router
And the channel is: Pergola0